Needing a little colour today?

Looking for a little uplifting colour at your front door or patio? I know at this time of year, I sure am! Today especially!!

My street, this morning…

I love it when the premulas start showing up at the supermarket garden areas and nurseries. It’s always uplifting to see the freshness and vividness of spring colour on our grey winter days. Every year I ponder, buy all one colour of mix it up? Go with pinks, yellows and coral/orange, or the beautiful deep cobalt blues?

Premulas at the supermarket
Don’t forget a colourful pot!

Colour is invigorating and it seems these last few weeks I have run into a lot of people who are looking for some invigoration! Adding some colour into your day can’t necessarily cure winter blahs or blues, but it can give you a small lift, a smile, or even an ahh, spring is on its way! It is proven that lack of colour in our lives or under stimulation of colour is as negative to our psyche as over stimulation or loud intense colour can be. Having a balance of color is the key and this time of year, we could all use a little more balance!

Here’s an inspiring colour palette for a winter day, courtesy of Designs Seeds.  I love this website when I need a colour hit. I can have a 10 minute escape and my brain is happier for it!

Spring Blooms by Design Seeds



So next time you’re picking up groceries, spend the extra $6 or $7 and buy some colour!

Spring planter ready to go, found at my local market!
Sheri Peterson- Interior Designer, Colour Consultant.  Provisional Member- IACC/NA (International Association of Color Consultants/North America)