Our Approach

Projects begin with and are inspired by colour.

We believe colour impacts us on all levels as it affects our behaviour and mood. This is why it is chosen precisely and with expertise. Sheri’s extensive experience and education have taught her that the correct colour choices can evoke a desired psychological response.

Colours for commercial or public spaces are chosen by first researching this desired psychological or physiological response, as well as studying the space’s natural settings, history, architecture, lighting, purpose, function, demographics and all other critical data. This comprehensive process delivers enduring colour and interior design that will stand the test of time. This will then reduce negative impact on the environment by avoiding frequent and unnecessary redesign. We are committed to saving clients time and money when choosing colour palettes and interior design aspects for their commercial, institutional, hospitality, or residential projects.

Our Commitment to Clients

  • Do What We Say. We’re pragmatic, reliable and disciplined: committed to delivering projects efficiently and always staying within time and budget parameters.
  • Focus on Function. Our designs are driven by the client’s specific purpose and function of the space.
  • Team Players. We are easy to work with, diplomatic, and we’re experienced working successfully with committees. We’re happy when our clients are happy!
  • Enduring Design. We believe the right colour and design will stand the test of time, thus avoiding frequent redesign and associated negative impact on the environment.

Please contact us with any questions or inquiries.