For the love of Green!

St Patrick’s Day, the day for celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. We love to don our bright green sweaters, put green food dye in our Guiness beer or wear a symbolic shamrock. The particular shade of shamrock green is bright and festive- it truly is the shade of clover.

I look up the meaning of wearing green on March 17 and it goes back to the 1600’s. According to Wikipedia, “St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish…The colour green has been associated with Ireland since at least the 1640s, when the green harp flag was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Green ribbons and shamrocks have been worn on St Patrick’s Day since at least the 1680s”

Looking for a couple of Irish inspiring rooms, I discovered Architectural Digest had already found them! They have collected some wonderful rooms from their archives to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and the luck of the Irish. Remember shades of green make soothing, restful, and serene rooms. The colour brings nature indoors and is calming to our emotional state.

I love this traditional library.  The green walls are warm and peaceful with the rose toned fabrics being so complimenting.

Architectural Digest Irish inspired rooms, photo by- Joshua McHugh


Alexa Hampton designed, Architectural Digest photo by- Scott Frances

Here’s a beautiful sun room designed by Alexa Hampton,  with varying shades of green.  She does a fabulous job of mixing pattern, texture, and colour. Even though there is a lot going on in this room, it’s still relaxing and not overwhelming.

So raise a pint of Guinness this Friday and enjoy celebrating St Patrick’s Day and all things green and Irish!


Sheri Peterson- Interior Designer, Colour Consultant.  Provisional Member- IACC/NA (International Association of Color Consultants/North America)