February seems to be typically themed with many shades of pink. Whether it has to do with Valentines Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, or Anti-Bullying, pink is hip in February! Hot pink, carnation pink, baby pink, lavender pink, Barbie pink, rose pink, the list goes on!   Pink was defined in the 17th century and named after the frilled edged flower “pinks”. It was not a common colour used in the Middle Ages or Renaissance, but became popular in fashion in the 1700’s and through the 1800’s.

It wasn’t till the 20th Century that pinks became bolder, brighter, and more assertive, in part because of the invention of chemical dyes which did not fade. It was in the 1940’s that marketing made the distinction of pink for girls and blue for boys, something modern families have been trying to get away from, but marketing still tends to shift us this way. Of course when Mattel introduced Barbie, in 1959, hot pink was then idolized by most little girls everywhere. The Barbie aisle at Toys R Us is testimony to this mass marketing!

I went looking for colour palettes hot pink this last week and was thrilled to see this fabulous luggage at Winners. My husband wouldn’t be caught dead pulling this through an airport, I will have to save it for a girlfriend trip- love it!!!  It has attitude, it’s bold, and it says move out of my way, my vacation has started!

Hot Pink Luggage at Winners

I very recently completed the interior design of the penthouse suites and The Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites and I had the opportunity to use the wonderful hot pink as our accent colour for one of the colour schemes.  At first, I was thinking it may be a little too feminine or daring, but as the colour palette went together, it felt perfect.  The pink balances the neutral greys and adds the needed WOW factor.  It’s a space that makes you grin and a little zip to your day!

Suite 1701 at The Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites


Sheri Peterson- Interior Designer, Colour Consultant.  Provisional Member- IACC/NA (International Association of Color Consultants/North America)