Colour Consultant Victoria BC

Residential Colour Consulting Services

I LOVE relieving people’s stress around choosing paint colours for their home!


Whether it’s 1 room, 1 floor, or the entire house- inside or out,  I can make the decision easier and you can feel confident that the colours chosen reflect how you want your space to feel and that it harmonizes.

Services include:

  • Interior or exterior paint consultations. I will come out to your home and spend 1-1.5 hrs hand picking paint colours that leave you feeling confident the right choices were made.  You will be left with a labeled colour chip sheet and paint specifications outlining where the new colours will go.

Please contact me for more information on in home consultation or to set up a visit.

  • Ready to go paint palettes!  I have created 30 gorgeous harmonizing interior paint palettes based on how you want your home or room to feelThey all include 1 white, 2 neutrals, and 2 accent colours  which all work together beautifully! Also available are 10 exterior palettes, perfect for different neighbourhoods and home styles.  These are presented as 35 sec short video clips, so you can feel inspired and at ease about choosing your paint colours.

Commercial Colour Consulting Services

Colours must be chosen first by researching the desired psychological and physiological responses. Next, the space or building’s natural settings, history, architecture, lighting, purpose, function, demographics and all other critical data must be studied. As an Accredited Colour Consultant with twenty-nine years of interior design experience, Sheri is dedicated to ensuring her colour choices and designs evoke the physiological and psychological response that the client desires for their space or building.

Our services include:

  • Colour specifications
  • Interior/Exterior colour consultations and plans for single or multiple buildings
  • Colour stories that provide detailed multi-colour selection and placements
  • Renderings of the new colour schemes

Our clients include:

  • Architectural Firms
  • Hospitality or Resort Companies
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Property Management Companies
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Commercial and Residential Developers


Learn more about how we work and our service options for commercial clients listed above :  Colour Consultant Menu of Services

The Victoria Conference Centre

Camosun College - Interurban
Huber Building

SD 63 CDC School
Finishes chosen by:
BSA Architects

School District 63- Administrative Building

Camosun College - Foul Bay

Camosun College - Interurban
Business & Tech Buildings

Pacific Shores

Bridlewood Housing Development

Frank Hobbs School

Portside Condos

Royal Oak Shopping Centre

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