A little colour at the duck pond

Mallard ducks enjoying a swim

I love walking in nature and admiring  different colour palettes.  I have a duck pond nearby my house which I frequent often as it is a popular walking/running trail.  The ducks have been very active this winter, always waiting for someone to bring them food.   They are so lively in their bog home and it’s quite amusing to watch them on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon dance and bob from the trail into the wet areas.  As my eye is always drawn to colour, I couldn’t help but notice how rich the male mallard duck’s green head was in a very brown and grey winter this wetland.

The dark bottle iridescent green on the male head is a perfect example of nature’s use of beautiful accent colour on a rather grey and brown body. I noticed the bright iridescent blue under their wings as well, it bounces out surprisingly. I think a really lovely colour palette could be created from this wild fowl, it could translate wonderfully into a room or even as a fashionable outfit.

Male mallards beautiful iridescent green head

The females are lovely in their own right, although they don’t sport the beautiful green accent colour, they are subtle and calm in colouration. Their taupe, brown, grey and white mottled feathers are very classic and neutral, but they do share the bright blue iridescent under wing feathers. You don’t have to study ornithology to enjoy or appreciate the appearance of these ducks, they can really liven up a dull day!

Female mallard blending into her surrounding


Sheri Peterson- Interior Designer, Colour Consultant.  Provisional Member- IACC/NA (International Association of Color Consultants/North America)