Uplands Golf Club Bar



Well we are getting closer to having the Uplands Golf Club new bar completed! Just another few days or so…  It’s been a very busy couple of months for the trades trying madly to get this completed.  There’s always hang ups with big projects like this and we have had our share. Today we were waiting on final fire stop inspection/approval under the bar, this one detail delayed things about 5 days!  The good news is that golfers should be enjoying a beer at the new bar by next week.

I can’t wait to see everything in place, the beautiful Garry Oak bar top is simply gorgeous and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I decided to make the main fir millwork stain darker because the Garry Oak was quite light and needed some visual weight to carry it.  The colour in the photo of the tile (below) is off, it’s a steel graphite grey glass, very sophisticated and yet modern.  The TV still needs installing and of course our antique golf clubs from the 1920’s need to be added as the final touch to the wine racks. Very exciting!