Well it’s been a little while since I posted a blog.  My web site and it’s server got into disagreement over bandwidth and basically I was down for about 2 weeks.  In that time, most of my blog posts got lost into cyber space- so I guess we are staring at the beginning again.  Technology is wonderful when it works smoothly, when it doesn’t, it can wreak your day (or week).   In the meantime, we rebuilt and changed servers!!  So here is my article from last week’s Saanich News on colour.

I pulled into a client’s driveway this afternoon in the Sunnymead neighbourhood off Royal Oak Drive, and right next to the driveway was this stunning shrub with these gorgeous purple berries. It was such a nice greeting on a November day, I was so welcomed by the freshness of the colour. I asked the homeowner what the plant was, and she didn’t know off hand. So I came home and googled it, and found it is called a beautyberry shrub (known as Callicarpa). I am defiantly not a gardening expert or even a gardener, but now I need to find one of these for my front yard!

Beautyberry shrub (known as Callicarpa)

The lovely purple berries are really between a mulberry colour and purple. I went to my Sherwin Williams deck and the colour I found closest was SW 6838 Vigorous Violet, but on my screen it looks very amethyst.   The colour closest on the screen is SW 6842 Forward Fushia, but nowhere near the actual colour.

Sherwin Williams 6842 Forward Fuscia
Sherwin Williams 6848 Vigorous Violet

So all these colour matching tools that paint companies put out, are really subject to screen differences. Instead, just enjoy the actual colour and if you’d like it in your home, take a paint deck and match it in reality. It’s more fun that way as well!


-Sheri Peterson,

Interior Designer & Colour Consultant, Victoria BC