Mattick’s Farm Wisteria

Wisteria, a beautiful drooping flowering tree that comes in a variety of colours from lilac, mauve, purple, or pink. Typically we see the lighter lilac/ mauve flowers here in Saanich and the simply stunning wisteria tree at Mattick’s Farm is a perfect example of the lighter lilac colour. From certain angles, this tree looks like a fluffy cloud of cotton candy.

Mattick’s Farm Wisteria

The colour wisteria is an elegant colour often used in wedding parties or as a decorating colour for spring. I’ve used to paint girls’ bedrooms with a colour palette of crisp white and soft petal greens. It’s a restful and romantic colour, easy to relax in and simply lovely in morning light.  It is also a perfect colour to accent sage or warmer greens, I love it with any grey and can look fabulous with taupes.

Sherwin Williams Wisteria SW 6822

Many years ago, I had a client order a very expensive oversized European wallcovering border in a water colour design of a wisteria branch. It was for a bathroom giving it a garden feel. Little did I know at the time (young in my career) that the wallcovering hanger enjoyed a pint or two at lunch. When I went to check back at the end of the day, it was hung upside down!! The wisteria petals looked like they were growing upward! Luckily my client was not a gardener and never noticed- it haunted me for weeks! Obviously it was the last time I used that paper hanger!

Sanderson Wisteria Wallcovering